How We Protect You and Your Money

We are underwritten by Westcor Land Title, the nations 6th largest UW in the country. Westcor is rated A’ (Unsurpassed) by Demotech, the most widely recognized rating agency for Title Insurance Companies. A’ is the same rating as Fidelity National Title, the largest Title Insurance Company in the country.


Westcor issues Closing Protection Letters to both buyers and lenders at no additional charge (some underwriters will not issue them to a buyer, only the lender). This letter guarantees/insures any funds sent to Homestead Title by a buyer in the event the Title Agent goes out of business or misappropriates funds. Westcor also issues a Closing Protection Letter (CPL) to the Lender, guaranteeing any funds sent to Homestead Title by the lender. Without this Closing Protection Letter, and from a reputable Underwriter, most lenders would not even do business with that title agency but because Westcor is so well rated, we have NEVER had a lender refuse their CPL, even on very large multimillion dollar transactions.


Homestead Title carries Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) in the amount of $1,000,000. This amount exceeds the minimum requirements that the Division of Insurance and many Underwriters require.


Homestead Title also carries Employee Dishonesty and Crime Insurance/Wire Fraud Insurance, which is not required by the Division of Insurance or most Underwriters. Under our Crime Insurance Policy, our customer would be insured in the event a third party intercepted a wire and re-routed it to another account. This insurance goes above and beyond what most companies purchase.