Homestead Title & Escrow is proud to partner with CertifID. Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are skyrocketing. Valuable assets are being stolen from those without the proper protections in place. CertifID is the nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution. They help verify the clients identity securely, prior to exchanging sensitive banking information, so they have peace of mind when transferring their money.


Home Buyers, keep your money safe at closing.

Securely receive wiring information through CertifID so you can feel protected when it’s time to purchase a home. Cybercriminals want your money. CertifID helps protect it. Be on the lookout, these cybercriminals are targeting home buyers like you to divert money to fraudulent bank accounts. CertifID helps make sure you have the correct details to protect your transfer.


Home Sellers, get your proceeds securely.

CertifID’s technology and insurance provide you (and your funds) with the highest level of protection from fraud. Cybercriminals are impersonating you and your agent to try and divert your proceeds into fraudulent accounts. CertifID helps make sure you are who you say you are and your account details are correct. Provide your bank details via CertifID to guarantee your money lands in your account.


Real Estate Agents, keep your clients protected.

1 in 3 real estate transactions are targeted for wire fraud. CertifID’s technology and insurance provide your clients with the highest level of protection from fraud. Cybercriminals are stealing millions of dollars per month from title companies and consumers. Wire fraud can strike at any time, and its impact extends beyond that of the victim that was scammed.

Sending Wire Instructions

No more worrying about wiring details getting mishandled or losing critical information. CertifID makes it easy to store your wire instructions securely with a few simple clicks.

Bank Account Information

With CertifID, clients validate their identity and provide bank details in just a few clicks. Giving everyone the peace of mind needed to send money and complete the transaction.

Securely Transfer Funds

Once the recipient confirms their bank details, you’ll be notified and ready to complete the transaction. Rest easy knowing that the transfer is insured up to $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is real estate fraud?

Real estate wire fraud occurs when a criminal provides a property buyer with fraudulent wiring instructions that direct closing funds to the criminal’s own bank account, rather than the title, settlement, or closing company. There are many ways in which this happens—the email accounts of attorneys, real estate agents, or title company representatives can be hacked or spoofed, or a scammer may call a buyer and pretend to be from the title company.

What can you do to protect yourself from real estate wire fraud?

If you are a consumer, the best way to protect yourself from real estate wire fraud is to understand the closing process and verify any requests for funds or personal information with the requesting party before sending them. For example, if your attorney emails you and tells you that funds need to be wired a day in advance, call their office and verify this. You may also wish to ask if your title company uses CertifID, which offers the best possible protection against real estate wire fraud.

Why is CertifID a superior solution to existing best practices?

CertifID provides added security and up to $1 million of direct insurance on every transaction. The solution also reduces the time and resources spent to verify individuals and their account details that traditional best practices require.

My clients are not tech savvy. Will CertifID still work for them?

Yes, users of all ages and tech experience love how easy it is to use CertifID. Your clients can go through the CertifID process on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet) without needing to download an app or create an account/password.